The Gurdwara Sahib Committee's mission is "to provide truthful and honest management" and "create an atmosphere which is both inviting and comforting to today's Sangat."

The following are the objectives of the Gurdwara Committee:

  1. We will serve the community to the highest standards and measures of the Sikh faith.
  2. We will strive to make a contribution to Sikh ideals, ethics and its way of life in a positive and meaningful manner.
  3. The Sikh faith is a most practical faith - let us work toward communicating the truth about its humanistic and social aspirations.
  4. We will remove the politics of pettiness and negativity from the Gurdwara which severely undermines our faith.
  5. An important priority is to work towards unity within the community by promoting the virtues of respect and goodwill.
  6. We will establish programs that will make the needs of our young people and seniors richer and fuller.
  7. We will work towards producing an atmosphere where our young can gain the skills and attributes that will make them future leaders within the community.
  8. We will work toward creating a positive environment which will reinforce Sikh ideals while contributing constructively to concerns and issues that our young people are faced with today.
  9. With the grace of God we will work for the goal of bettering and contributing to the society we live in.