The Gurdwara Sahib provides many services within our grounds in New Westminster and throughout the Lower Mainland of B.C. We are much more than just a religious house of worship and bring the community together and bonds those from many different backgrounds.

Services include religious services like Prayer recitals like Akhand Path Sahib or providing an opportunity for families to received blessing and enjoy with the congregation in milestones ceremonies like the birth of children or weddings

We also provide a lot of outreach and educational services and if you have an event and would like to have Dastaar (Turban) Tying or have a Gatka (Sikh Martial Art) demonstrations  or just learn more about Sikhism - please contact us and we'll be glad to learn more and participate.

Some of these Services include:

  • Akhand Path Sahib (prayer recital services)
  • Sikh Wedding Services
  • Dastaar (Turban) Tying Classes and Demonstrations
  • Kirtan/Langar Services
  • Sikhism Education at community functions/events
  • Taking part in Outreach programs
  • Homlessness campaigns
  • Aboriginal Women's March for indigenous women
  • Queensweep & Tree Planting
  • Family Nights and outings
  • Seniors Services
  • Youth Services, Games and special events.