Outreach Services

Outreach Services

The New Westminster Sikh community is one of the oldest and most vibrant communities in the Lower Mainland. Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar has been conducting and participating in many different types of Outreach Programs throughout the Lower Mainland.

Friday July 29th, Gurdwara Open House - All Welcome:

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Dear Neighbour,

With all due respect, the Sikh Community of British Columbia would like to cordially invite you to an Interfaith Night at Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar on Friday July 29th, 2016 at 5:30 pm. The aim of this event is to raise awareness about and create positive connections between diverse faith groups in New Westminster, Richmond, Burnaby and Vancouver. We hope that this event will ignite a series of interfaith events among local faith groups.

The event will begin with a tour of the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) and a short introduction to Sikhism. Following this, we will have a discussion forum for all faiths to discuss the challenges we face in practicing our respective religions in this day and age, and how we can try to improve these challenges. At the end, a free communal dinner will be served to all.

We request all attendees to dress modestly and comfortably, as we will be sitting cross-legged on carpet for a fair portion of the event. Please refrain from wearing sleeveless tops and skirts or dresses that are above ankle-length. We also request you to cover your head with a scarf – scarves will be available in the Gurdwara entrance. We encourage you to dress in your respective religious garments as a means of promoting awareness, unity and brotherhood.

The following is a brief schedule of the evening:

5:30 – Arrival and tour
6:00 – Introduction to Sikhism (lecture format)
6:30 – Discussion/presentation panel
7:30 – Communal Dinner

From 7:30-8:30, there will be a family campfire event, geared toward teaching Sikh children about the messages within Sikhism. You are welcome to stay for this event as you please.

Please RSVP by July 20th, 2015 via the form below

Yours Sincerely,
Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar
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Sikhism is a universal religion and there are many aspects that are not understood, as they have not been explained. The best way for the community at large to get to know who we are as Sikhs is for us to be visible, present and active in our own communities. By sharing our time and talents with others, we can inspire and educate within our communities, about the universal values and spiritual beauty of the Sikh path.

If you have a program or event and you would like someone from the Sikh community to participate, or if you would like to visit the Gurdwara Sahib and find out more about Sikhism, please contact us via the Contact Page on this website.